Using New Media Marketing to Increase Your Bottom Line

In Media Marketing by Blake

Josh Anderson is considered one of the foremost audio and video experts on the Internet today. A new media expert, Josh specializes in helping entrepreneurs in all industries integrate new media marketing into their websites, blogs, and business plans to build credibility with potential customers and stand out from their competitors.

Josh has created many top-quality audio and video products, as well as the tools for others to make their own products. He’s also quietly worked behind the scenes with top marketers like Paul Colligan to create platforms for seamlessly delivering irresistible content in formats that your customers and list members want to consume!

He knows full well the power and profitability of using multimedia in your marketing efforts, and how YOU can do it yourself in the most effective way possible.

What You’ll Walk Away With:

At the Canada Marketing Summit on March 26-29th, 2009, Josh will teach you some of his most heavily guarded “new media optimization” secrets that you can use to attract customers and convert them into leads and SALES!

You’ll discover:

  • The dead simple secrets to optimizing your self hosted video that will make your videos smaller, faster, and look better and reach the widest demographic possible! (This secret will boost reponse rates of ANY video regardless of the content.)
  • How to get the best YouTube video quality and killer hacks for boosting video quality and killing the blurry video problem when embedding on external sites
  • How to create an unlimited number of video content membership sites
  • How to instantly turn any blog into a membership site
  • How to publish your own physical product continuity membership on demand with NO startup fees!
    How you can get your ebook printed on demand as a physical book with no up front cost and how you can get it listed on Amazon without an amazon account
  • The simplest and most effective way to publish premium podcasts and RSS feeds
  • How to turn your podcast into a free or paid membership…
  • And this barely scratches the surface!