• Douglas Vermeeren
    Author, speaker, award winning movie maker and featured expert on ABC, FOX, FOX Business News, CTV, CNN, CBC and many others.

    Over the last decade Doug Vermeeren has conducted extensive first hand research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers today. Countless media including ABC and FOX news call him the MODERN DAY NAPOLEON HILL, but there are some pretty significant differences between the work that each of them conducted.  
    Since Napoleon Hill appeared on the scene a lot has changed. In Hill’s day he studied mostly innovators and investors. These inventors and innovators were the ones making the money and creating exciting change. The business models were primarily manufacturing and distribution of goods, commodities and the occasional new idea. But times have changed there are now a lot of new and different ways people are making money and business models that never even existed 100 years ago. Doug expanded his research to include these and his findings have been astounding. Some of these new success stories included now athletes and celebrities, multinational corporations, network marketing companies, internet and technology companies and more! The world now moves at a pace that was unheard of 100 years ago. To create massive success requires powerful strategies implemented at a lightening pace.. 
    It’s this work that has positioned him as the featured expert on more than 100 TV shows, radio programs and magazine articles. He’s been a regularly featured expert on ABC, FOX, FOX Business News, CTV, CNN, CBC and many others.
    His life changing material has also been the subject of two different award winning movies: The Opus and The Gratitude Experiment. Both films feature the support of other top experts who also recognize the value of Doug’s work and support what he is doing. The Opus shares an incredible formula of how you can take the vision of what you really want in life and turn that into a workable plan that you can get started on right away. And then turn that plan into ultimate and ongoing performance in your life.
    Doug has coached Celebrities, athletes and business leaders to create greater success and become leaders in their fields. He has helped sales teams double and triple their numbers, and now he’s ready to help YOU!



  • Tellman Knudson - USA
    International hypnotist, list building and email marketing expert who is about to change everything for you!

    ZERO to $2.8 million in under 3 years.. This presentation will hypnotise you...literally! Tellman Knudson is a living, breathing success story who came from having nothing but $50 in his pocket and a severe case of A.D.D... to transforming himself into a self-made multi-millionaire before the age of 30. He is considered one of the top Email Marketing experts in the world - and has trained over 90,000 clients in his innovative, profit-pulling email marketing strategies and techniques. His company, Overcome Everything, Inc. helps entrepreneurs from all over the world to build their list and create a life of their dreams... just like he does, and inspires people to do, every day. A certified clinical hypnotherapist for 12 years, and has worked with thousands of local clients one-on-one to overcome a wide array of challenges, including smoking, compulsive ingestion of toxic substances and multiple sclerosis. As a master of online marketing, Tellman has a whole host of success stories and techniques to share with you. Today he combines his experience in business and hypnosis to reach and help thousands of clients to achieve their goals online. Tellman has now recognised as the world's foremost exclusively internet-based hypnotist, and he is about to show you how to transform your business!

  • Stephen Tye - Canada & Europe
    Owner & host of the Canada Marketing Summit, entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker and a lot of other stuff too!

    As a self-made businessman Stephen has owned and run his own businesses since he was 18, and been online since 1996. He has worked with Royalty, Prime Ministers and Business Celebrities around the world and even been asked to present a business mentoring program with the BBC, which he turned down… twice! He has had 1 Million Dollar Sales days and practically invented some of the most powerful strategies for rapidly improving the profitability of your company. Listen up... because right now there is a huge threat that is facing your business, Stephen will show you how to turn that threat into an opportunity to double or treble your sales and profits over the next 12 months.  Widely regarded as one of the world’s most knowledgeable business people, Stephen has shown thousands of business owners how to grow their business, increase their profits, free up their time and transform the way they achieve and sustain their long term goals and strategies. In other words, make your business, bigger, better, more profitable and less stressful! 
    He shows business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, SOHO’s and the independently employed how to win more customers and increase their profits by using easy, innovative, marketing, advertising and internet strategies, AND how radical changes in the way your run your business can often double your profits overnight. A little more credibility history for you…Stephen has advised and worked with some of the top blue chip and fortune 500 companies in the world including the Financial Times, Rentokill, American Express, Lloyds Bank PLC, Readers Digest, Pet Plan, GoreTex™, Colombia Sportswear, Business Link, Alliance & Cornhill, Mitre, Somerfield, British Heart Foundation, Help the Aged, Unicef, Chubb, Dow Egberts, ADT, Axa, Imperial War Museum, Lexmark, Walmart (Asda) Tesco (Fresh & Easy) to name but a few… as well as 1000’s of individuals & SME’s. He has business interests and operations in USA, Canada, Europe, India and China. 
    One look at your business by Stephen can often double your profits or double your sales in 12 months or less…Seriously!


  • Harlan Kilstein - USA
    Founder of the FAMOUS DogingtonPost website, NLP practitioner, Harvard graduate and Internationally renowned Copywriter..and so much more!

    ONE MILLION FACEBOOK FANS A WEEK CAN'T BE WRONG!  Although Harlan's FaceBook fans number just over 200,000 (200,000, that’s huge!) - he engages with between 700,000 to 1,000,000 fans in a typical week, AND he is going to show you exactly how he does it...  its all thanks to Google..and no, he doesn’t spend a penny on Adwords or SEO! 
    Harlan’s hugely successful and famous site the DogingtonPost is just one of the things he will be talking about as he reveals the secrets to his 1 Million fans a week. He is the first to tell you that anybody with the right information can build a huge following without having to spend a small fortune doing it. In fact it was only recently that Harlan Kilstein started his ordinary blog about dogs, the now FAMOUS  DogingtonPost. After just one year his blog is getting over 300,000 page views a month, and a few months back the site reached over 312,717 people through social media and counted over 45,000 page views on their articles in just a matter of hours. The latest stats show 207,710 likes • 618,785 talking about it. Some of Harlan’s posts now generate more than 10,000 Likes, and Harlan’s success all stemmed from his love of copyrighting. 
    Harlan’s ads, direct mail letters, web-sites, and radio ads have made millions and millions of dollars for his clients. Harlan Kilstein is one of the most foremost copywriters of our time. He has written copy for big-name online gurus and a wide variety of high-end clients in many industries. Kilstein has taken the most distressed businesses and turned them around overnight. He has a doctorate in education (Ed.D.) and did post graduate work at the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education, and got started in copy when he owned his own hypnosis franchise in Florida. Harlan’s newspaper ads in the Miami Herald caused a flood of business to his hypnosis offices and soon, other franchises around the country were begging for the ads. When the owner of the hypnosis franchise would no longer let Harlan use his own proven ads, Harlan closed his hypnosis offices and became a full-time copywriter. Because of his background in hypnosis and NLP, he rapidly became acknowledged as the world’s leading authority on NLP Copywriting, and in his presentation at CMS Harlan reveals exactly how just one simple easily applied copyrighting trick resulted in the DogingtonPost increasing its traffic so much that the extra traffic crashed the website 3 times and forced him to buy bigger and bigger servers (and its not writing copy!) Prepare to take notes!


  • Colin Sprake - Canada
    Business Transformation Specialist and #1 best selling Author

    Colin has helped literaly 1,000s of small businesses to achive success in Canada and is also a #1 bestselling author of Entrepreneur Success Recipe – The Key Ingredients That Separate The Millionaires From The Strugglers. He captivates his audience by delivering marketing, sales & business processes, strategies and tools in very simple and easy to understand formats.Business Transformation Specialist who fully understands how to build businesses in any kind of economy; this comes from decades of experience in both male and female dominated markets and having worked in over 70 countries.
    Born in South Africa Colin brought his expertise to North America in 1998 and is now a Canadian citizen. Having been interviewed on many radio stations he now has his own radio show that airs every Saturday morning at 8:30am on CKPM 98.7 FM called The Extreme Business Show. He has had articles written about him in many local print media and across the country in The Globe and Mail, Seattle Times and the Reno Gazette. as well as appearing on many TV channels as guest expert; Global, MSNBC and CTV to mention a few.


  • Iman Aghay - Canada
    Founder of the largest Information Marketing Training Center in Canada

    He harnesses the power of the Internet and combines it with effective in-person marketing to help business owners grow their companies, and professionals position themselves as the go-to experts in their fields.
    Iman has shared the stage with people like John Chow (#1 online marketing blogger in Canada), presenters from the David Suzuki Foundation, Hootsuite, Yelp, Colin Sprake (Amazon #1 best-selling author) and many others. Iman has also been recognized by the British Columbia Premier for his contributions to the business community.
    Iman arrived in Vancouver in 2009 with limited knowledge of English, no network and no job. After studying the most successful businesses in the world, he created a marketing system that combined the most effective marketing strategies used by those businesses. He started his own company, applied his system and in a very short time:
    Founded Vancouver Business Network, which is now the fastest-growing business network in Canada with over 3,800 members today
    Founded the largest information marketing training centre in Canada, “Success Road Academy” with over 12,000 attendees to its events in the past 4 years
    Taught his system and helped hundreds of people to build successful businesses for themselves
    Iman’s passion is helping entrepreneurs to succeed. He won the People's Choice Award for being one of the top 25 immigrants to Canada, and shares this honour with media mogul Peter Legge, Dragon’s Den star Robert Herjavec and ohn Furlong, CEO of Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


  • Fraser Paterson - Canada
    CEO and co-founder of executivewebclub.com

    Meet Fraser Paterson & Nadine Shemilt, These 2 Young Professionals from Nanaimo built a 7 figure business in 3 years, selling millions of dollars in online sales every year. What started off as a dream from their kitchen table with a total investment of $4000, now has 50+ employees with Executive Web Club a “Global Team of Experts in their Mumbai office” and Island Daily Deals “ A group buying website on Vancouver Island with 50,000+ subscribers,  and there full social media training program for the government.
    They are out to inspire you to create online businesses to generate the lifestyle, residual income, and ability to achieve their dreams. This month, they were featured at Keynote Speakers, at the Underground Online Marketing Seminar with Yanik Silver in New Orleans, and are now doing more business internationally than they are in Canada,  it’s really gaining worldwide recognition. Do not get this wrong, their “GET SHIT DONE” attitude makes you take your business to the next level, from a real team that has actually achieved this. They personally spent hundreds of thousands of Facebook marketing on their own businesses, and knew how to convert these into sales generating 10X returns. Fraser is an SEO and PPC Guru Managing Millions of dollars in this. Just wait until you hear how The Executive Web Club can help your business!


  • Melonie Dodaro - Canada
    Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert and social media strategist

    Melonie Dodaro is the founder of Top Dog Social Media, a TOP social media agency that helps brands & businesses, professionals and sales teams use social media marketing and social selling to boost their visibility, attract new customers and increase their revenue. Dubbed by the media as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert and social media strategist, she’s a highly sought after social media speaker and author of the upcoming book The LinkedIn Code. How To Generate More Business From LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of very few methods that allows you to easily reach high value, senior level contacts with a click of a button. What’s more these are quality business people, decision makers who typically have budget signoff and are worthy of your time to open up a business dialogue. Stop wasting your time talking to people without authority. Very few other methods can guarantee you such a direct route to these senior level prospects...Melonie is going to show you exactly how you should be doing this. With over 260 million professionals using LinkedIn many are discovering they can quickly pan this goldmine for ideal clients because LinkedIn is laser targeted and you reach the right people, every time. In her presentation Melonie shares her 3-step formula to succeed with generating more business from LinkedIn. Practical and relevant, this TOTALY REVEALING presentation shows you a simple, EASY ABC formula to getting new leads and more sales. If you are using LinkedIn, you have to see this presentation, if you are NOT using LinkedIn...you REALLY MUST see this presentation! Most people that start with LinkedIn just fissile out because they are simply not using it in the right way, even though many other LinkedIn members go on to triple their income in the months after they have joined. That should be YOU. Don't worry though, because Melonie will show you simple fixes and strategies that ANYONE can apply to get it right FIRST TIME, and she will tell you how to make the most of your LinkedIn account... She will even show you how to put your LinkedIn lead generation marketing on “auto-pilot” and reveals the biggest (and easiest to fix) secret for standing out on the LinkedIn network. 

    Miss this at your peril, it could be the best opportunity you have EVER had to increase your business in just days!


  • Ted McGrath - USA
    CEO - Coaching Leadership Academy. A Passionate Speaker, Consultant & Coach

    Ted McGrath is on a mission to train 1 million Facilitators in a Scientific Breakthrough Technology that helps solve real world issues of poverty, disease, hunger, and sustainability. He is the creator of two brands: Coaching Leadership Academy which helps Passionate Speakers, Consultants, Coaches, Holistic Practitioners & Service Based Professionals turn their passion into a lucrative and lifestyle friendly business; Breakthrough Results which helps individuals breakthrough to their full potential so they can create results in a fraction of the time.

    Ted has built a 7 figure company doing exactly what he loves while traveling all over the world. His personal clients pay him $100,000 and his ability to deliver results speaks volumes. Ted left behind corporate America where he was the # 5 Partner out of 500 Partners for the # 1 Life Insurance Company in the Country, New York Life. He went from struggling to overcoming addictions, health challenges, relationship challenges, and money challenges, to living a life he is truly passionate about. Today, Ted is certified by the International Academy of Holodynamics and Science in unfolding human potential. He has studied and trained in Primordial Sound Meditation with Deepak Chopra and he is highly trained through Robbins/Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching. He is certified in Deeksha with Oneness University in Chennai.

  • Guy Steeves - Canada
    Regional Development Director for Constant Contact, Western Canada

    For the last 20 years, Guy has been consulting for and teaching small business, in the areas of Internet Marketing, corporate strategy and CRM. Mr. Steeves wrote the original curriculum for BCIT's Electronic Marketing courses and delivered it for 10 years to the Marketing management school for both the day and evening programs to over 1200 students. Guy has now delivered seminars to almost 20,000 small businesses and not for profit attendees.

    Now, the Regional Development Director with Constant Contact, his role is to speak on the virtues and best practices of Email and Social Media Marketing to small business and to facilitate their ongoing education. Guy runs frequent seminars on email, social media and engagement marketing.  

    Guy will be presenting:  The Lasting Power of E-Newsletters Leveraging Social Media!

    Permission-based Email Marketing is the most cost-effective, targeted, trackable, and efficient way to build and maintain relationships, and drive business success for all types of business and organizations. 

    This information-packed presentation will communicate the very latest best practices and proven strategies, and encourage participants to combine email with social media marketing to maximize their reach and engagement. 

    Guys presentation will include:
    •    Make the most of combining Email and Social Media Marketing
    •    Get your messages opened and read, shared and socially visible
    •    Permission-based Email marketing monetizes your Social Media activities.
    •    Your customer’s friends are your next best prospect

    If you are going to use email in your marketing plans this year, then you simply must hear what Guy has to say, between Guy and Constant Contact they probably know MORE about email marketing than anyone else on the Planet!

  • Rob Toth - Hungary & Canada
    Vancouver, Canada and (as of 2014) Budapest, Hungary based 10 year internet marketing veteran.

    Former producer/founder of the now acquired 'Canada Marketing Summit'. 7 years in information marketing (with the first million sold in this industry). Marketing Strategist and Advisor to various clients and equity partnerships. Producer of the 'Marketers And Tanks' experience-driven mastermind. His latest venture changes direction and focuses on content creation and content curation for the new Media company with head office in 'Hollywood North' of Vancouver, Canada and operations office in the jewel of Eastern Europe, Budapest, Hungary ... 

    Rob Toth brings 10 years of online marketing experience, having spent 7 of those years working in the Information Marketing industry, publishing and selling informational courses (and generating his first million of sales in the industry).

    Rob also offered Strategy and Advisory services and worked with 118+ clients in 36 different markets helping them in launching products to the market, fixing low converting offers and overall boosting revenues and business growth. The praise for his expertise includes former $100Million+ company CEOs and hundreds of "small business" owners.

    Rob Toth is the original founder and producer of the now acquired, Canada Marketing Summit which was established to fill a need for Vancouver (and overall Canada's) need for high value and specialized  online marketing authority events.
    In 2013, he closed off and sold off his businesses and in 2014 is opening a Hungary-based Media studio / media company. 
    Rob's latest venture focuses on content creation and content curation (for their in-house media properties) and content marketing (as a "done for you" service to select clients). 
    At the event, Rob will introduce his "Flood the Internet" model. Which combines unique content marketing and advertising to create a "seen everywhere" experience for the prospects of any target product or brand.
    Rob has "side business" interests including being the producer of the Marketers And Tanks event: a multi-day, annual, experience-based networking event and mastermind for some of the top marketers of the world that runs in Budapest, Hungary.
    Rob is also involved as an equity partner with a handful of very select businesses in an marketing director and marketing advisor capacity.
    Rob's specializations include aggressive content marketing, simplification/systemization, international staffing and outsourcing, direct response salescopy and buyer psychology, affiliate program development. 
    This year at the Canada Marketing Summit 2014 you'll learn the content marketing models he used with various information marketing projects and is now implementing for his media company and associated clients.

  • Cijaye DePradine - Canada
    CHARTing Success in the Digital Era:- An Integrated Approach To Increasing ROI From The Inside Out

    Gone are the days when business operations, marketing, training/education and loyalty building (internally and externally) are stand-alone functions. 

    Thanks to the ever evolving digital landscape, staff and consumers alike are demanding more transparency and richer connections from businesses as well as dictating what makes our businesses reputable / worth sharing.

    Instead of fighting the changes, we need to learn how to embrace and leverage them to increase long-term ROI's and loyalty - internally and externally.  This includes:

    1) Getting back to basics in business (realigning with our WHY)

    2) Bridging the gaps between traditional and digital marketing (unifying needs and wants of all parties)

    3) Establishing a more digital friendly community of champions (nourishing the needs of key stakeholders)

    4) Learning how to CHART success

    5) & Evolution Hacking!

    With nearly two decades of multidisciplinary work in Marketing (Online and Offline) as well as Training / Education, Cijaye DePradine has helped thousands of "Tomorrows Leaders"  turn their passions into profits and make meaningful differences in the world.  To the tune of millions of dollars in revenues both saved and earned, Cijaye's unique expertise has been an asset to all organizations who have worked with her.  Now it's your turn to learn how she does it!

    Do NOT miss Cijaye's presentation if you want long term success in business!

  • Scott Rewick - USA
    One of the early pioneers of modern Affiliate Marketing and one of the most prolific media buyers over the last decade….

    The 150 Million Dollar Man!...Scott will be teaching you about his Online Profit Blueprint Formua which is designed to produce a deep level understanding of online marketing. Among many other things he will be showing you Media Buying Basics, Understanding Facebook Marketing, Starting Your Online Business and How To Understand LifeTime Value. Scott is mostly known for his expertise in buying online advertising. Spending over $150M in display based media over the 12 years, Scott's created over 8 businesses in the last decade that do multi million dollars annually. Starting in 1999, Scott Co-Founded one of the earliest Affiliate Networks, Metareward, which ultimately was sold to Experian for $30M. He then went on to co-found NetBlue, which became a $120M/year Lead Generation monster.  Heading up the media buying group, Scott routinely spent between $200k-$300k per day buying online display media (less than 1% of that was with Google). Scott then went onto found, AdEx Media with Joe Abrams (co-founder of MySpace).  The company raised $8M in venture capital and did over $23M in revenue in its first year.  Most recently, Scott sold his online Ad Agency, Cranking Media, and now works on select projects. What he can teach you about internet advertising, media buying and BIG BUSINESS building can help you grow your own revenues 10-fold.

    Obviously you do NOT want to miss his presentation!

  • James Martell - Canada
    Internet and Web Radio Pioneer

    James is going to show you how to use your very own radio show to Dominate Your Market by Creating an Amazingly Strong Local Web Brand with Your Own Professionally Produced Web Radio Show! In fact he is going to reveal to you exactly how your Friendly, Knowledgeable Voice Can Let You Quickly Establish Confidence with Local Consumers. AND Positions Yourself as the Trusted Local Expert (with the Added Benefits of Increased Site Rankings and a Strong Mobile and Social Media Presence) Jane will teach you:-

    How to attract new customers AND keep existing customers
    To what extent traditional methods of advertising have eroded ...and why they are no longer performing like they once did
    To what extent consumers have shifted online and how it’s affecting business
    Why most attempts by small business to shift online have failed and what you can do to increase your chances for success
    You will learn why content is king and how to dominate your market by creating an amazingly strong local web brand with your own professionally produce podcast
    You will learn how your friendly, knowledgeable voice can quickly establish confidence with local consumers and position yourself as the trust local expert
    And here the best bit...All for less than half the price of a weekly newspaper ad and less than 30 minutes of your time each week because we do all the heavy lifting for you so that you can lock out your competition!

    James is the VP of Product Development and a founding partner in jambMEDIA. James has an extensive track record in Internet marketing and digital product development including Ebooks, Podcasts, Courses and Webinars. He has taught tens of thousands of business owners how to market their businesses online through his ebooks, podcasts, training courses, webinars and speaking engagements. After nearly 15 years of online experience, James decided it was time to collaborate with his long time colleagues and helped form jambMEDIA. James is a certifiable car nut, father of four grown children (and grandfather of two beautiful little girls), and has been married to his wife Arlene for almost 30 years. He lives in White Rock, BC, a beautiful seaside suburb of Vancouver on Canada’s West Coast.

  • Robert Palinkas - Europe
    International Entrepreneur & developer of "360 Marketing"

    360 Marketing...This has never before been seen in North America. At this year Canada Marketing Summit Robert EXCLUSIVLY launches his 360 Marketing right here in Vancouver . You will be the very first to see and hear how 360 Marketing works and how it can explode your businesses sales and profits!

    Traditionally, small businesses use one, or at best, a few channels for marketing - they tend to stick with the first one they find to work (to some degree). That's a small fraction of what's available, so they miss out on a lot of opportunities - many cheaper and more efficient than what they are currently doing to find customers. True multi-channel marketing (firing from all guns) have been reserved for large corporations due to its sky-high cost, high risk, and requiring resources small businesses typically don't have. That is all about to change...  For nearly a decade, Robert has been quietly building an empire which now spans 6 countries, 12,000 customers and more than 20 unique and proprietary products and services, including high tech gadgets, cutting edge software to help companies go to market faster, find new customers and sell more, as well as new ways to make learning more interesting and effective. Robert is a true world citizen, born in Hungary and lived in 5 different countries in Europe and North America for several years each, traveled the world (58 countries and counting) to learn, teach and help. He has a passion for helping people, piloting anything that flies, traveling, innovation, marketing and awesome new products. Between his email list, facebook and various Twitter accounts (some of which he is writing on under different pen names) his newsletters and updates are read by over 240,000 people. He has been on stage over 350 times in 14 countries, with the biggest audience being over 10,000 people. All of his companies are built on innovation, which he defines as changing the game to make the impossible possible.

    Warning: you will only like what he has to say if you have the courage to stop chasing the illusion of quick success, the illusion of the “easy button”, the illusion of shortcuts to big results and instead of all the BS, you are ready for the REAL STUFF that makes a business not only successful but meaningful as well.

  • Moe Somani - Canada
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SOHO Business Group

    With over 15 years of experience working with and marketing to SME’s (small and medium size enterprise) Moe is recognized as an industry expert in marketing, lead generation and business sales development with a focus on event sponsorship's and online partnership programs. He is frequently asked to speak in the areas of entrepreneurship, sales, marketing and lead generation. Moe also advises many corporations and government organizations on how to effectively reach, connect and engage SME audience. He is very active in the community and donates countless hours to charity. Among others, he is well known for launching World Partnership Golf, an initiative of the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, which raised funds that go directly to projects that benefit communities in the poorest countries of Africa and Asia. Moe is also the past Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Small Business BC and a supporter of various charities including the Free The Children, Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, Canuck Place, and BC’s Children’s Hospital Foundation. At this years CMS event Moe is going to share his insights and knowledge in B2B Online Lead Generation and how you should effectively use social networking to increasing your prospects and grow your sales.

  • Dale Hensel - New Mexico
    Serial entrepreneur since 1991 with over 14 different company launches,

    Dale is going to show you what your business could really be while providing actionable items and high level insights to help you fulfill its true potential.So if you are thinking beyond making that first million, which as Dale will tell you is hard work, but relatively simple steps in execution, if instead you are looking at a 8 figure or even 9 figure valuation company, then you need to listen to what Dale has to tell you, he will explain the roadblocks, pitfalls, tips, challenges etc in how to go from just a lifestyle or hobby 6 figure or $1Million operation to a fast growing and potentially a public multi 8 or 9 figure operation. With over 14 different company launches under his belt, Dale has moved mountains since 1991. A 2002 start-up launched from his garage grew into a public company handling acquisitions, servicing and disposition of non-performing mortgages.  After operating as CEO for five years, he sold his position to a hedge fund.  Shortly thereafter, he joined the online marketing and sales world with the launch of PigTones.com and hasn't looked back. An inspiring leader and executive coach, Dale excels at creating big-picture ideas and bringing them to fruition.  His vast experience includes corporate finance, operations, process creation, raising capital, investor relations, real-estate acquisition, multiple websites, policy implementation, formulation, corporate direction and strategic turnarounds.  Dale successfully raised over $90 million in capital over the last 15 years.

    As an ambitious enterpenuer Dale has crisscrossed the corporate and global landscape, implementing and developing business model prototype, market strategy and recapitalization methods. Dale's work as a mentor and coach has given him much more insight into business at all levels.  From the down in the trenches "get it done" experience to strategic leadership with CEOs to mapping and planning companies at the boardroom level.  A deal maker and negotiator, he seeks to align those involved with the same "get it done" attitude.  Google Dale's name and you'll notice a trend, in the many online accolades from former to current colleagues, one word repeatedly appears: Visionary. Dale is a co-founder and executive of SND Holdings, LLC, where he is the head of new business development and expansion opportunities.  He mentors internal staff and the executive team to improve personal and professional skills that directly impact the bottom line...NOW it's your turn!

  • Benjamin Louie - Canada
    Advertising and Marketing Expert for Plenty of Fish

    Ben is the Advertising Manager for PoF.com (Plenty of Fish). POF.com generates over 1 BILLION impressions monthly with over 55 million members. Ben plays a crucial role in both the buy and sell side for POF.com, working with the top 10% of POF's advertisers as well as utilizing a multi-million dollar advertising budget to acquire users world wide. Last year, Ben lead the marketing effort in Brazil and achieved impressive results. POF.com.br went from a relatively unknown dating site to the #1 online dating brand in Brazil, beating out the established players and achieving dominant market share before the year was over. Projections indicate that the same result will occur in France and Spain by the end of 2014.

    At the Canadian Marketing Summit, Ben will share some of the secrets of performance marketing that lead to his continued success. Ben has delivered this presentation to media buyers, advertisers and affiliates all over North America, South America, Europe and China. The presentation will teach you how to increase your ROI and keep within your marketing budget though actionable items (and the theory behind why they work) and avoiding costly mistakes that 90% of new marketers commit. The presentation is suitable for beginner to intermediate level marketers.

    Don't miss out!