Should YOU Attend the Canada Marketing Summit?

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See If You Meet the Five Criteria:

The Canada Marketing Summit on March 26-29th, 2009 is specifically designed for:

Anyone who targets customers based in Canada, the US, or internationally.
Anyone who operates a business online or offline – or is planning to start one this year. (You don’t have to have a website to get tremendous value out of this event.)
Anyone who is making some sales now, however not nearly as much as they’d like.
Anyone who is experiencing a noticeable dip in sales but feels their hands are tied by a limited marketing and advertising budget.
Anyone who would like to discover proven low-cost “direct response” marketing strategies and how to implement them quickly and easily to see an immediate, significant spike in sales.

At the Canada Marketing Summit, you won’t be learning stale direct response marketing strategies that worked two, three, or four years ago…

You’ll be learning step-by-step strategies, tips, and techniques PROVEN to work right now in this economy.

We guarantee that you’ll find everything you’ll discover from our faculty of Marketing Mavericks and Business Income Acceleration Coaches is current, tested and proven, and highly effective.

Regardless of whether you sell a service – if you are a real estate agent, a restaurant owner, a consultant, or a web designer, for example – or you sell products like skin care, software, or ebooks and other information products online, we GUARANTEE that the strategies you’ll discover at the Canada Marketing Summit will help you propel your business to new income generating heights!

(More on our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee in a moment.)