Media Buying, Effective Online Advertising and Building Your $25M/Year Business

Scott Rewick is one of the most prolific media buyers and online business builders that most people have never heard of.

Spending in excess of $100M in display based media over the last decade, Scott Rewick is one of the true pioneers of modern day affiliate marketing and high volume media buying.

Starting in 1999, Scott Rewick co-founded one of the earliest Affiliate Networks, Metareward, which ultimately was sold to Experian for $30M.

Scott Rewick then went on to co-found NetBlue, which became a $100M/year Lead Generation authority. Heading up the media buying group, Scott Rewick routinely spent between $200,000 -$300,000 PER DAY buying online display media (… yet less than 1% of that was with Google). Netblue ultimately raised over $20M in Venture Capital, and more recently merged with affiliate giant Epic Advertising (formerly Azoogle).

Most recently, Scott Rewick was President and CEO of AdEx, a public lead generation company, doing over $23M in revenue in its first year.

Scott Rewick has personally moved well over $100 million in ad dollars and has built 4 separate companies to $25mill/year revenues.

What he can teach you about internet advertising, media buying and BIG BUSINESS building can help you grow your own revenues 10-fold.

You do NOT want to miss his presentation