How to Generate an Avalanche of Highly Targeted Leads for Your Business in a Very, Very Short Period of Time

In Leads Generation by Blake

Leads, leads, leads…. the life blood of ALL of our businesses revolves around generating and contacting leads. Leads are the prospects, the lookie-loos, the tire tickers, and the potential customers who we hope will buy our products and services.

Gil Ortega is the President and CEO of and is widely considered the #1 lead generation expert in the world… PERIOD. We are honored and blessed that Gil is taking time from his busy international coaching schedule to share with us some of the most potently profitable insider secrets on how leads are made, generated, and sold on the Internet!

At the Canada Marketing Summit on March 26-29th, 2009, Gil will tutor you in the same step-by-step system that he uses to generate hundreds of thousands of quality leads that pull in $30 Million per year in sales for his clients.

What You’ll Walk Away With:

Could YOU use more leads for your business? And not just more leads, how about more targeted, highly qualified leads that actually convert into SALES?

In Gil Ortega’s “small business lab” he’ll walk you through:

  • How to find out precisely where your competitors are getting their website traffic from
  • The 1-2-3 easy basics of online media buying
  • What every entrepreneur must know BEFORE paying for online advertising!
  • Are you spending wisely? How to tell if you are getting the best ROI on your leads
  • The secret to ethically “cloning” your competitors’ online media buys
  • How to easily generate your own leads and stop buying leads
  • The two strategies helped Gil become the largest lead supplier in my industry
  • The top players in the lead generation industry and how to get them to help you
  • And this is barely the tip of the iceberg