Event Date - Friday 28th March – Sunday 30th March 2014

At the 2014 Canada Marketing Summit

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"GREAT event, tons of actionable info, hordes of amazing speakers, piles of notes and take-a-ways, Millions of dollars to make!"

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"The Canada marketing summit proved once again to be worthwhile reason to 'drop everything' and spend a couple of well invested days to focus on marketing and business. Congratulations on another successful event!"

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Direct from 18 international industry leaders.The latest and most effective online and off-line marketing trends, methods and technologies to move your business into fast lane success for 2014. Equip yourself with the knowledge, tools and resources to grow your bottom line beyond your expectations.

Learn & Focus


An incredible line-up of featured international speakers, entrepreneurs and leading industry experts, will drive you into action by teaching and training you through keynote sessions, and interactive Q&A discussions action packed ready to inspire, motivate and rapidly thrust your business forward in the next 12 months.

Learn & Focus


Form high growth business partnerships with like minded entrepreneurs and high net worth CEO's. Exceptional networking opportunities abound at the 2014 CMS event. You will have endless opportunities to network with our hugely successful speakers, leading business entrepreneurs and hundreds of other like-minded business owners to help grow your sphere of influence.

Past Presenters

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Founder, Chicken Soup for the Soul

You may know Mark Victor Hansen as “that Chicken Soup for the Soul guy.”

Established as a cultural icon in 1990, Mark and his business partner Jack Canfield created what Time ..

Maritza Parra

As Seen On Oprah and Friends, Social Marketing Systems

Maritza Parra is an author, speaker, Law of Attraction coach, syndicated columnist and Online Entrepreneur.Maritza Parra trains and coaches entrepreneurs to use the easy and powerful tools of Socia..

Anthony Morrison

One of North America's Top Young Entrepreneurs

Anthony Morrison is recognized as one of America's leading Young Entrepreneur's and Internet marketing moguls. Anthony started his first business when he was only a teenager and since then,..

Dan Lok

F.U. Money, Internet Income Opportunities

A former college dropout, Dan Lok transformed himself from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to a multi-millionaire.DanLok came to North America with little knowledge of the English language ..

Colin Wiebe

How to become a Marketing Rock Star

Colin is a singer/songwriter, author/speaker, entertainer and founder of the virtual marketing department, Fast Creative Creative Inc. Colin gained his experience as the Creative Director..

Jason Bax

Build A Lifestyle Business with Your iPhone

Jason Bax has consulted over 200 internet start-ups.He is an online entrepreneur and host of The Business Unusual Show. His videos have over 2 million YouTube views and, as an actor, Jason Bax has ..

Austin Walsh

Facebook FanPages, Facebook Marketing

Austin Walsh was born on the south side of Chicago, son of Bill Walsh, world renown business and success coach and founder and CEO of Powerteam International. Austin was already instilled with the ..

Rick Raddatz

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

Have you read those stories about entrepreneurs who make millions only to LOSE EVERYTHING... and then make it rightback? How do they do that? You're about to find out. Rick Raddatz, was a multi..

2014 Canada Marketing Summit Speakers

Douglas Vermeeren
Author, speaker, award winning movie maker and featured expert on ABC, FOX, FOX Business News, CTV, CNN, CBC and many others.

Over the last decade Doug Vermeeren has conducted extensive first hand research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers today. Countless media including ABC and FOX news call him the MODERN DAY NAPOLEON HILL, but there are some pretty significant differences between the work that each of them conducted.  
Since Napoleon Hill appeared on the scene a lot has changed. In Hill’s day he studied mostly innovators and investors. These inventors and innovators were the ones making the money and creating exciting change. The business models were primarily manuf

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Tellman Knudson - USA
International hypnotist, list building and email marketing expert who is about to change everything for you!

ZERO to $2.8 million in under 3 years.. This presentation will hypnotise you...literally! Tellman Knudson is a living, breathing success story who came from having nothing but $50 in his pocket and a severe case of A.D.D... to transforming himself into a self-made multi-millionaire before the age of 30. He is considered one of the top Email Marketing experts in the world - and has trained over 90,000 clients in his innovative, profit-pulling email marketing strategies and techniques. His company, Overcome Everything, Inc. helps entrepreneurs from all over the world to build

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Stephen Tye - Canada & Europe
Owner & host of the Canada Marketing Summit, entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker and a lot of other stuff too!

As a self-made businessman Stephen has owned and run his own businesses since he was 18, and been online since 1996. He has worked with Royalty, Prime Ministers and Business Celebrities around the world and even been asked to present a business mentoring program with the BBC, which he turned down… twice! He has had 1 Million Dollar Sales days and practically invented some of the most powerful strategies for rapidly improving the profitability of your company. Listen up... because right now there is a huge threat that is facing your busines

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Harlan Kilstein - USA
Founder of the FAMOUS DogingtonPost website, NLP practitioner, Harvard graduate and Internationally renowned Copywriter..and so much more!

ONE MILLION FACEBOOK FANS A WEEK CAN'T BE WRONG!  Although Harlan's FaceBook fans number just over 200,000 (200,000, that’s huge!) - he engages with between 700,000 to 1,000,000 fans in a typical week, AND he is going to show you exactly how he does it...  its all thanks to Google..and no, he doesn’t spend a penny on Adwords or SEO! 
Harlan’s hugely successful and famous site the DogingtonPost is just one of the things he will be talking about as he reveals the secrets to his 1 Million fans a week. He is the first to tell you that anybody with the right information

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Colin Sprake - Canada
Business Transformation Specialist and #1 best selling Author

Colin has helped literaly 1,000s of small businesses to achive success in Canada and is also a #1 bestselling author of Entrepreneur Success Recipe – The Key Ingredients That Separate The Millionaires From The Strugglers. He captivates his audience by delivering marketing, sales & business processes, strategies and tools in very simple and easy to understand formats.Business Transformation Specialist who fully understands how to build businesses in any kind of economy; this comes from decades of experience in both male and female dominated markets and having worked in over 70 countries.
Born in South Africa Colin

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Iman Aghay - Canada
Founder of the largest Information Marketing Training Center in Canada

He harnesses the power of the Internet and combines it with effective in-person marketing to help business owners grow their companies, and professionals position themselves as the go-to experts in their fields.
Iman has shared the stage with people like John Chow (#1 online marketing blogger in Canada), presenters from the David Suzuki Foundation, Hootsuite, Yelp, Colin Sprake (Amazon #1 best-selling author) and many others. Iman has also been recognized by the British Columbia Premier for his contributions to the business community.
Iman arrived in Vancouver in 2009 with limited knowledge of English, no network an

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Fraser Paterson - Canada
CEO and co-founder of executivewebclub.com

Meet Fraser Paterson & Nadine Shemilt, These 2 Young Professionals from Nanaimo built a 7 figure business in 3 years, selling millions of dollars in online sales every year. What started off as a dream from their kitchen table with a total investment of $4000, now has 50+ employees with Executive Web Club a “Global Team of Experts in their Mumbai office” and Island Daily Deals “ A group buying website on Vancouver Island with 50,000+ subscribers,  and there full social media training program for the government.
They are out to inspire you to create online businesses to generate the

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Melonie Dodaro - Canada
Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert and social media strategist

Melonie Dodaro is the founder of Top Dog Social Media, a TOP social media agency that helps brands & businesses, professionals and sales teams use social media marketing and social selling to boost their visibility, attract new customers and increase their revenue. Dubbed by the media as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert and social media strategist, she’s a highly sought after social media speaker and author of the upcoming book The LinkedIn Code. How To Generate More Business Fro

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Ted McGrath - USA
CEO - Coaching Leadership Academy. A Passionate Speaker, Consultant & Coach

Ted McGrath is on a mission to train 1 million Facilitators in a Scientific Breakthrough Technology that helps solve real world issues of poverty, disease, hunger, and sustainability. He is the creator of two brands: Coaching Leadership Academy which helps Passionate Speakers, Consultants, Coaches, Holistic Practitioners & Service Based Professionals turn their passion into a lucrative and lifestyle friendly business; Breakthrough Results which helps individuals breakthrough to their full potential so they can create results in a fraction of the time.

Ted has built a 7 figure company doing exactly what he loves whil

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Guy Steeves - Canada
Regional Development Director for Constant Contact, Western Canada

For the last 20 years, Guy has been consulting for and teaching small business, in the areas of Internet Marketing, corporate strategy and CRM. Mr. Steeves wrote the original curriculum for BCIT's Electronic Marketing courses and delivered it for 10 years to the Marketing management school for both the day and evening programs to over 1200 students. Guy has now delivered seminars to almost 20,000 small businesses and not for profit attendees.

Now, the Regional Development Director with Constant Contact, his role is to speak on the virtues and best practices of Email and Social Media Marketing to small business and t

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Rob Toth - Hungary & Canada
Vancouver, Canada and (as of 2014) Budapest, Hungary based 10 year internet marketing veteran.

Former producer/founder of the now acquired 'Canada Marketing Summit'. 7 years in information marketing (with the first million sold in this industry). Marketing Strategist and Advisor to various clients and equity partnerships. Producer of the 'Marketers And Tanks' experience-driven mastermind. His latest venture changes direction and focuses on content creation and content curation for the new Media company with head office in 'Hollywood North' of Vancouver, Canada and operations office in the jewel of Eastern Europe, Budapest, Hungary ... 

Rob Toth brings

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Cijaye DePradine - Canada
CHARTing Success in the Digital Era:- An Integrated Approach To Increasing ROI From The Inside Out

Gone are the days when business operations, marketing, training/education and loyalty building (internally and externally) are stand-alone functions. 

Thanks to the ever evolving digital landscape, staff and consumers alike are demanding more transparency and richer connections from businesses as well as dictating what makes our businesses reputable / worth sharing.

Instead of fighting the changes, we need to learn how to embrace and leverage them to increase long-term ROI's and loyalty - internally and externally.  This includes:

1) Getting back to basics in business (realigning with o

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Scott Rewick - USA
One of the early pioneers of modern Affiliate Marketing and one of the most prolific media buyers over the last decade….

The 150 Million Dollar Man!...Scott will be teaching you about his Online Profit Blueprint Formua which is designed to produce a deep level understanding of online marketing. Among many other things he will be showing you Media Buying Basics, Understanding Facebook Marketing, Starting Your Online Business and How To Understand LifeTime Value. Scott is mostly known for his expertise in buying online advertising. Spending over $150M in display based media over the 12 years, Scott's created over 8 businesses in the last decade that do multi million dollars an

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James Martell - Canada
Internet and Web Radio Pioneer

James is going to show you how to use your very own radio show to Dominate Your Market by Creating an Amazingly Strong Local Web Brand with Your Own Professionally Produced Web Radio Show! In fact he is going to reveal to you exactly how your Friendly, Knowledgeable Voice Can Let You Quickly Establish Confidence with Local Consumers. AND Positions Yourself as the Trusted Local Expert (with the Added Benefits of Increased Site Rankings and a Strong Mobile and Social Media Presence) Jane will teach you:-

How to attract new customers AND keep existing customers
To what extent

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Robert Palinkas - Europe
International Entrepreneur & developer of "360 Marketing"

360 Marketing...This has never before been seen in North America. At this year Canada Marketing Summit Robert EXCLUSIVLY launches his 360 Marketing right here in Vancouver . You will be the very first to see and hear how 360 Marketing works and how it can explode your businesses sales and profits!

Traditionally, small businesses use one, or at best, a few channels for marketing - they tend to stick with the first one they find to work (to some degree). That's a small fraction of what's av

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Moe Somani - Canada
Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SOHO Business Group

With over 15 years of experience working with and marketing to SME’s (small and medium size enterprise) Moe is recognized as an industry expert in marketing, lead generation and business sales development with a focus on event sponsorship's and online partnership programs. He is frequently asked to speak in the areas of entrepreneurship, sales, marketing and lead generation. Moe also advises many corporations and government organizations on how to effectively reach, connect and engage SME audience. He is very active in the community and donates countless hours to charity. Among others, he is well known for launching Wor

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Dale Hensel - New Mexico
Serial entrepreneur since 1991 with over 14 different company launches,

Dale is going to show you what your business could really be while providing actionable items and high level insights to help you fulfill its true potential.So if you are thinking beyond making that first million, which as Dale will tell you is hard work, but relatively simple steps in execution, if instead you are looking at a 8 figure or even 9 figure valuation company, then you need to listen to what Dale has to tell you, he will explain the roadblocks, pitfalls, tips, challen

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Benjamin Louie - Canada
Advertising and Marketing Expert for Plenty of Fish

Ben is the Advertising Manager for PoF.com (Plenty of Fish). POF.com generates over 1 BILLION impressions monthly with over 55 million members. Ben plays a crucial role in both the buy and sell side for POF.com, working with the top 10% of POF's advertisers as well as utilizing a multi-million dollar advertising budget to acquire users world wide. Last year, Ben lead the marketing effort in Brazil and achieved impressive results. POF.com.br went from a relatively unknown dating site to the #1 online dating brand in Brazil, beating out the established players and achieving dominant market share before the year was over. Projec

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